Welcome to Maple Ecstatic. Our rates are 200x EXP / 100x MESO / 1x DROP. There will be more to come everyday! Keeping you updated at Maple Ecstatic. Be sure to vote every 12 hours to help us grow!
  • Why Should I Join?

    You might ask yourself, what good could this server bring you? Well, we thought the same thing when Maple Ecstatic first opened. We wanted a large interactive, fun, and open community that ultimately brings the best out of any Maplestory private server can. We offer challenges, daily events, helpful staff, and a non-dictatorship home for everyone to enjoy. While you stay in our server, we will strive to give you the best service that any other server could not provide.

  • Welcome to Maple Ecstatic Version 1.17.2

    Here are some of our unique features:

    • 200x 100x 1x
    • Refer a Friend System
    • Player vs. Environment
    • Tons of Automated Events
    • Very Friendly Community
    • 100% Skills Working
    • Bugless
    • Auto Donation
    • 24/7 Dedicated Server
    • Daily Events
    • Vote Points System
    • Helpful & Active Staff
    • Regular/Ecstatic Gachapons
    • Mini-Games
    • Balanced 1-Hit K.O. PVP System
    • Custom Drops
    • Decent Economy
    • Automatic Jump Quest
    • No Spoon-Feed
    • Daily Updates
    • Addictive Gameplay

    We look forward to having YOU be apart of our wonderful community.